iTunes app: a wacky storybook adventure
Sheeps on the telephone wire from Uncle Muddle's Farm, a story by Rachel Hahn

This rhyming animated children’s storybook app features young Jack exploring his uncle’s mixed-up farm.

Maybe, just maybe my Uncle was right. A quacking cow could be a delight.

App developer and 3D animator Peter Hamlin brought Uncle Muddle’s farm to life with his tech magic, while I provided the concept and creative direction and managed distribution.

Uncle Muddle is no longer available for sale on iTunes, but you can still visit his tumblr.

Peter Hamlin, app developer, 3D animator
Rachel Hahn, creative director, writer, publisher

screen grab from the Uncle Muddle storytime app
"Out here in the fields my mules roam and graze, I'll harvest their wool in just a few days. It makes nifty sweaters the mules knit themselves. Those fellas are better than Santa’s own elves.”
A screenshot of Uncle Muddle's farm, available on iTunes.