7 truths and a lie about me

A client of mine likes an ice-breaking game where everyone tells a few truths and one lie about themself, leaving the rest to guess which was which. So, in an effort to break the ice between us, allow me to go first…

  • I don’t particularly enjoy writing bios about myself and will come up with an alternative whenever possible.
  • I get giddy over brand development.
  • Performing improv comedy has made me a better communicator and dinner party guest.
  • I’ve competed in creative problem solving (yes, that’s a thing).
  • Working with people who are passionate about something is important to me because I think life is too short to be laissez-faire.
  • I collect rare and unusual books.
  • I’ve worked as a radio host, city reporter, personal trainer and marketing manager, but my first job was painting sticks.
  • I can fly.

Your turn. Get in touch. Tell me about yourself and take a guess at which of the above are truths.

Me on the edge of a Norwegian fjord

Truthfully, I climbed all the way up from the shore of the fjord below.